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Mark Adams

ServiceNow Technical Consultant

Mark's professional journey began in television news, where he thrived as an Outside Broadcast (OB) producer, delivering live and captivating content to audiences. However, an unfortunate injury led to a change in career trajectory, motivating him to reskill and pursue his passion for IT. Over the last 10+ years, Mark has diligently built himself up from an IT analyst to become a pivotal figure in implementing transformative solutions for large-scale organizations.
His journey with ServiceNow started with managing and running a team of 12 skilled developers, ensuring strict adherence to best practices and efficiency in all their endeavours. Mark's leadership and guidance resulted in a team that consistently delivered exceptional results, earning them an impeccable record in patching and upgrading. Moreover, when new suppliers were onboarded, Mark personally instructed them in these best practices, ensuring a seamless integration into the organization's IT ecosystem.
Mark's career has been marked by significant achievements, particularly in implementing Axios/IFS Assyst and ServiceNow in one of the largest public sector installations in the UK. With his expertise in ServiceNow, he has successfully delivered previously non-existent integrations with external platforms, streamlining processes and enhancing internal and customer experiences.
During his tenure at New World Tech Ltd (NWT), Mark has been instrumental in the development of internal applications within ServiceNow's Studio, leveraging REST and Webhook methods with SHA256 encryption token generation and validation via CryptoJS. His dedication to continuous improvement is evident in his establishment of an internal "ServiceNow Clinic," providing valuable training to graduate program employees and empowering them to maximize the platform's potential.
Security has always been a top priority for Mark in every project and program he undertakes. He has consistently integrated robust security measures into the solutions he delivers, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safeguarding sensitive data. His commitment to security aligns with his passion for efficiency and optimization, which has made his previous organisation one of ServiceNow's most efficient and responsive customers.
Mark's experience, spanning projects, programmes, and security, has made him a highly sought-after professional in the IT industry. His journey from an OB producer to a ServiceNow Technical Lead exemplifies his resilience and adaptability, and his ability to deliver added value to any organization he serves. As Mark continues to excel in his career, his determination to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and elevate security measures remains unwavering.